Hiram Reynolds, 2019, United States

On the Map Your Future program: The Map Your Future program allowed me to gain work experience in different fields before returning to school. Learning from classmates who have worked for years in so many different areas as well as the incredible professors at Fletcher is invaluable. I wanted to learn how professionals in different fields think, especially as I determine my own path forward in a field as multidisciplinary as international affairs. I interned for the Center for Complex Operations, a research group at National Defense University in DC, which prefers interns who are pursuing or who have already completed graduate study. MYF demonstrated that I was pursuing a master's even before I had started the program which helped me secure the internship. Many others who interviewed me were very interested in a program that encourages significant full-time work experience before grad school, and in hearing how I planned to structure the time. Between undergrad and Fletcher, I was also fortunate enough to work for a small engineering startup, to finish a teaching fellowship overseas, to lead youth service and leadership programs, and to work for a global financial services company. All of these experiences taught me a lot and took me to four different countries, all while knowing Fletcher was on the horizon. Without the Map Your Future program, I wouldn't have had the freedom to work for as wide a variety of organizations before returning to school.

On the Fletcher alumni network: Shortly after finishing university, I was looking for work in DC or in Southeast Asia. The Fletcher alumni network was instrumental in connecting me with professionals in areas that interested me. There was a consistent domino effect through these interactions: I would reached out to recent alumni, who were very responsive, and they often referred me to others (alumni and non-alumni) in their field or who they thought would be a useful resource for me. Frequently I was invited to visit an office or to Skype in, and it was always valuable to hear people's stories and thoughts on their own industry, even when I decided it wasn't where I wanted to go. It's an incredible network, not only due to Fletcher's reputation, but also because of how actively engaged alumni are. Thanks to the Map Your Future program, the Fletcher mafia was helpful to me long before I arrived at school earlier this year.

Favorite movie

Favorite food

Favorite landmark
Yellow Mountains, China

Most pressing world issue
A dearth of empathy--turning away from listening to expertise and experience in areas unfamiliar to us.

Favorite lecture attended
Former Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves on NATO, geopolitics, and cyber

Fields of Study

International Security Studies/Maritime Security

International Law (self-designed)

Activities involved in at Fletcher

Science Diplomacy


Culinary Diplomacy and Fletcher Feasts

Arctic Circle Assembly


Education before Fletcher

BA, International Relations & Chinese, Tufts University

Experience before Fletcher

Regulatory & Government Affairs, State Street, Boston, MA

Market & Supply Consultant, Bitome, Inc. at HAX Hardware Accelerator, Shenzhen, China

Fulbright Teaching Fellow, Fulbright Program, Mataram, Indonesia