Atoosa Malek, 2018 (December), Iran

Why I chose Fletcher:  Born just after a revolution in Iran, I grew up in the throes of a war. This experience made me want to learn more about the broader world around me and how global events affected local lives. I wanted to understand the events which caused many families like my own to run down into basements turned bomb shelters after hearing the Red air raid sirens which warned of rockets coming from a foreign land, thousands of kilometers away. After working for years at the United Nations, I began to look for an experience that would coalesce my existing abilities with new skills to shape me into a more effective professional. In conversations with a friend, many schools and programs came up. However, we always came back to Fletcher. My friend had visited Fletcher years earlier and had met with a professor who had clearly made a lasting impression. The deeper I looked into the programs, curriculum, and background of faculty members, the more I was convinced that this was the  best match for me considering my past experience and my future goals. Air raid sirens have long since gone, but other urgencies of development and international cooperation remain. It was not easy to overcome the hurdles of coming to The Fletcher School, but I look forward to beginning this new formative process and becoming a better professional.

On Campus Life:  Students are active in both academic and non-academic activities at the Fletcher. There are massive opportunities for each student to get involved in student-run clubs and organize events. Besides that, faculty members are always available to assist in every aspects of a student's academic and non-academic challenges.

Favorite book
Divan of Hafez, Brave New World

Favorite food
Chelo Kebab

Favorite city

Best place to study
Cabot basement study rooms

Fields of Study

Development Economics

International Organizations

Activities at Fletcher

United Nations Club

The Gender Initiative

Global Women

Education before Fletcher

MBA, Noore Touba Institute, Iran

BS, Mathematics, Guilan University, Iran

Experience before Fletcher

Finance Associate, UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Tehran, Iran

Finance Clerk, UN Development Program, Tehran, Iran


Farsi (Persian)