Luxi Liu, 2019, China

On the flexibility of the curriculum: It can be challenging to come to The Fletcher School without knowing exactly what we want to get out of our time here, especially because our academic and professional interests tend to shift over time. Even with such flexibility built into the curriculum, we still need to decide which classes to take and how to distribute our time. However, this flexibility drives us to proactively make use of the resources that Fletcher provides in order to learn quickly and think about our time here strategically. If the curriculum were mostly fixed, I might get too comfortable following a routine instead of thinking things through. The students, faculty, and staff at Fletcher are very helpful and accessible; they have made it so much easier for me to put things into perspective. As my career goals become more and more clear, the flexibility of the curriculum allows me to make timely adjustments and take classes tailored to my needs and interests. I find this both effective and rewarding.

Using your Fletcher degree to make a difference in the world: I have seen and heard so many heartbreaking stories of people who have lost all hope because they cannot improve their financial situations or legally move to a country at peace. I care about these underprivileged groups, but I also understand that empathy alone cannot create concrete and sustainable change. I have come to Fletcher aware of both the doubts that I have about foreign aid and the nature of international development, as well as the specific skills that I need for certain jobs. I plan to learn more about the nuanced context of the areas and fields that I am interested in through analytic coursework and by working with people who have field experience, all while honing my quantitative and soft skills. I look forward to applying this skill set to my future work in development.

Favorite movie

Favorite musician or band
Sara Bareilles

Favorite city
Berkeley, CA

Most memorable international experience
Living with Myanmar refugee students in Malaysia

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher
Economic inequality and forced migration

Fields of Study

Development Economics

Monitoring & Evaluation (self-designed)

Activities at Fletcher


International Development Group

Fletcher Consulting Group

Education before Fletcher

Bachelor of Law, International Politics, Fudan University

Experience before Fletcher

Company & Commodity News Intern, Reuters Shanghai Bureau, Shanghai, China

Executive Assistant, China House Group Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya