Tom Humphries, 2019, Australia & Canada

On campus life: One of the truly unique aspects of the Fletcher experience is just how active campus life is. You can get involved in anything from advisory projects, to student-run conferences, to sports clubs. The incredible thing about these clubs is that they really complement the already top-notch education that you are receiving at Fletcher. If there is a specific skill set that you need for your internship or dream job, there is more than likely a club that can either help you develop those skills or point you in the right direction. The fact that these clubs are completely student run and have this professional development aspect is even more incredible.

Something that has surprised me: One thing that has been really surprising during my time at Fletcher so far is how close the community is. In speaking with a few alumni during the application process, the Fletcher community was a strength that was emphasized quite a few times. However, it is really difficult to understand what this really entails before arriving on campus. In addition to being an incredibly supportive community during stressful periods, the Fletcher community is a group of people that is more than willing to share opportunities across any range of fields. What's more, I find it very easy to discuss difficult topics with my classmates in a way that integrates people's diverse experiences and different cultural points of view. Coming from an undergraduate experience where the incoming class size numbered in the thousands, this has been a very rewarding and refreshing change.

Favorite Twitter handle

Favorite book
A Brief History of Seven Killings

Favorite author
Simon Critchley

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher
Addressing global inequality in the context of international development


Favorite location on campus
Blakeley Hall courtyard

Fields of Study

Development Economics

International Monetary Policy and Theory

Activities at Fletcher

Fletcher Forum of World Affairs

Fletcher Social Impact Group

Fletcher Political Risk Group

Fletcher Consulting Group

International Development Group

Education before Fletcher

Bachelor of Liberal Studies (Hons I), International Relations and Psychology, University of Sydney

Experience before Fletcher

Policy Analyst, Department of Finance, Canberra, Australia

Research Associate, United States Studies Centre, Sydney, Australia

Policy Analyst (Intern), Permanent Mission of Australia to the United Nations, New York, USA