Catherine Deveson, 2018, United Kingdom

On the LLM: I chose to study at Fletcher because the school’s LLM program is focused exclusively on issues of international law. I also expected that the interdisciplinary nature of the program would provide opportunities to study issues of law within their historical, political, and social contexts. As a history graduate and someone who is interested in global and national politics, I felt that my legal studies would benefit from the chance to not only study what laws exist, but to consider the processes and conditions that have shaped the law, as well as changing perceptions of the authority of law.

On Professors at Fletcher: I've been pleasantly surprised at the accessibility of professors both within the law faculty and the school in general. This is definitely a change from my experiences in UK institutions. I believe it's also a reflection of the genuine interest that professors at Fletcher take in hearing their students’ viewpoints and encouraging them in their endeavours. As well as being able to meet with professors during their office hours, I and others have been invited to social events at their homes and in New York, discussions over lunch and film nights, all of which have expanded our chances to learn and have helped develop friendly relationships between staff and students.

Favorite landmark

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher
The rights and protections of civilians within conflict

Most interesting person you’ve met at Fletcher
Nadim Shehadi, Director of the Fares Center

Favorite location on campus
President's Lawn

Favorite guest speaker
Mac Maharaj

Activities at Fletcher

Humanitarian Action Society

European Club

Fletcher Students of Color and Allies

Education before Fletcher

Legal Practice Course, Law, College of Law, University of Edinburgh

Graduate Diploma in Law, Law, BPP Law School

MA, History, University of Edinburgh

Experience before Fletcher

Solicitor on International Human Rights and Personal Injury, Leigh Day, UK

Intern, Trinity Chambers, Trinidad and Tobago

Volunteer Researcher, Reprieve, UK