Will Boyd, 2018 (December), United States

On the diversity of the community: I would be remiss if I did not speak about the diversity of the school and its continued strides in improving and strengthening the various elements of diversity at Fletcher. Currently I serve on three different platforms whose aim is to address diversity and inclusion and to seek ways in which we engage and support these goals. First, in my role as the Graduate Assistant of Diversity and Inclusion Officer, I am charged with the responsibility to analyze and program components of diversity and inclusion at Fletcher. This includes training for administration and student leaders, brainstorming innovative approaches to admissions techniques and a plethora of various other activities. This is a new position and shows signs of Fletcher's active approach to ensure diversity and inclusion. Secondly, I am the leader of a student organization called Fletcher Students of Color and Allies (FSCA). This group is used as a coalition of groups across Fletcher that support one another during times of division and separatism. Lastly, I am the second-year elected representative for the Diversity and Inclusion working committee. This means that we hold weekly office hours where the student body is encouraged to come with any points of interest, questions, concerns, or ideas and share these concepts with us in total confidentiality. We bring those concerns before a working committee composed of staff and administration to help bring about necessary changes at Fletcher. All of these groups reinforce how important diversity is at Fletcher, complementing the fact that Fletcher brings together experiences and perspectives that span the globe.

How has Fletcher broadened your global perspective?  Before coming to The Fletcher School, I had a very narrow view on the global importance of security outside of the armed services and related sectors. I encountered many individuals who were studying various forms of security and questioned their motivation. I had been so consumed with my work in human rights and humanitarian aid, that I failed to see the underpinning importance of considering concepts like cyber security in peace-building.  For instance, post-conflict is such a critical stage for states. While I have been doing the important work of ensuring that human rights are being realized in transitioning states, there is also a need to introduce state-building exercises in order to ensure that rule of law is established. This is just a preview of the daily conversations at Fletcher. The Fletcher student body alone is made up of individuals whose past work experiences, travels, and skill-sets are far from the ordinary. I maintain that I learn just as much if not more, about the global perspective from in-depth conversations with colleagues over coffee or lunch.

Favorite book
Just Mercy

Favorite author
Brian Stevenson

Favorite musician or band
Daryl Coley

Fields of Study

International Public Law

Conflict Resolution

Activities at Fletcher


Fletcher Students of Color and Allies

Diversity and Inclusion Working Committee

Pride @ Fletcher

Los Fletcheros

Education before Fletcher

Certificate of International Law, International Law Human Rights, Koc Universiti, Turkey

BA, Political Science, FIU, Miami, FL

BA, Public Administration, FIU, Miami, FL

Experience before Fletcher

Graduate Assistant Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Student Affairs Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Medford, MA

Program Director, Interim Executive Director, Rise and Shine Freedom School, Brevard, NC

High School Psychology and Sociology Teacher, Day Star School, Juticalpa, Honduras