Latifah Azlan, 2019, Malaysia

Fletcher in a word: If I had to choose a word that encompasses the Fletcher experience, I would say balance. Take a look at Fletcher's website and you'll instantly understand what I mean. Theory and policy; academic and professional; intellectual and practical; study and leisure; competition and cooperation - these are all ways in which balance can be observed at Fletcher, whether inside or outside of the classroom. There are many reasons why one should attend Fletcher - its reputation, multidisciplinary curriculum, and diverse student body are just a few that I've heard from my cohort and others. I certainly agree with these sentiments. However, balance is a quality that I had not been able to find in similar graduate programs and it is the main reason for my decision to attend Fletcher over other peer institutions.

On campus life: Campus life at Fletcher is as flexible as its curriculum. As students, we are able to tailor our extracurricular activities to be as closely aligned with our curiosities and capabilities as we want. Firstly, there are a multitude of clubs one can join, whether academic or social. From culinary diplomacy to European affairs organizations, human rights societies, technology policy working groups and even a fermentation club - every interest is represented, and if not, feel free to form your own! However, joining a club is merely one way that students can participate in campus life. There are also many talks to join, conferences to organize, career fairs to attend, professors to talk with, group work to do, readings and assignments to finish as well as new people to meet! No matter who you are or where you come from, you will find your footing at Fletcher - and that's a guarantee.

Favorite blog
Foreign Policy in Focus (FPIF)

Favorite book
The Little Prince

Favorite food
Nasi Lemak

Most rewarding trip
Performing Umrah to Mecca with my family, December 2016.

Moment when you felt the furthest from home
A few weeks ago in my Medford apartment, building bedroom furniture without my dad's help (or his power tools!) for the first time in my life

Fields of Study

Political Systems and Theories

Gender Analysis in International Studies

Activities at Fletcher

Writing tutor at the Fletcher Graduate Writing Center

The Fletcher Forum for World Affairs

Fletcher Students of Color and Allies

Education before Fletcher

BA, International Relations, Boston University

Experience before Fletcher

Researcher, Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Perdana Fellow, Ministry of Defence, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia