Jingyan Zhang, 2018, China

Benefits of Fletcher’s Location: I chose Fletcher because of its close proximity to the Boston area, which is the one of the world's premier intellectual and research centers. In my opinion, the location is perfect to help students build a solid academic foundation before entering the working world. The most valuable asset of Fletcher is its faculty who are experts in their respective fields. It is inspiring to learn from these great minds. The Admissions staff is also the friendliest and most helpful I've ever worked with. From the start I was impressed and convinced that Fletcher would be the best place for me to invest time for my graduate studies.

On Fletcher’s Flexible Curriculum: I have yet to find another school that provides such a multidisciplinary curriculum as Fletcher. I can learn skills related to diplomacy, development economics, international security studies and much more. In this age of information, you cannot say you are truly an expert in one specific field without knowing other related fields since most subjects are interrelated. The flexibility of the curriculum helped me adjust my academic pursuits, and with information provided by Fletcher related to classes, I have been able to make better personal academic choices. The curriculum has also exercised my mind to think from different angles and has prepared me to thrive and excel in a global society.

Favorite magazine

Foreign Affairs

Favorite book

The World as Will and Representation

Favorite landmark

Great Wall

Most memorable international experience

Lobbying on Capitol Hill

Favorite lecture attended

International Security Study Luncheon Lecture series

Fields of Study

International Security Studies

Public International Law

Activities involved in at Fletcher

Fletcher Students in Security

Education before Fletcher

BA, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Harbin, China

Experience before Fletcher

Paralegal, Jim Li and Associates, New York