Airokhsh Faiz Qaisary, 2018, Afghanistan

On a Fletcher Education: Having been exposed to war and injustice as a child under the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, I was acutely sensitive to the importance of education. As my own educational opportunities increased in the post-Taliban era, I developed aspirations of becoming a woman who would bring positive changes and, most importantly, to ensure that my childhood misfortunes would never be repeated with future generations.  Therefore, I chose Fletcher's MALD program to acquire the necessary knowledge in peace negotiations, conflict resolution, mediation, leadership and other credentials to help me to empower the next generation of Afghan women and to build a more stable nation. Right now is the most crucial time for our generation, and it is very important for us to not give up amidst all the hopelessness among our youth. I hope to put what I learn at Fletcher in practice in my country and elsewhere. I will never stop advocating for girls' education until our gains are solidified.   I believe my personal and professional experiences have prepared me for success at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and earning my MALD will give me sufficient knowledge and skills that will bring me another step closer to my goal.

On Skill-Building: I believe every individual can be an agent of change in their own way, based on the gifts they are given. For those of us who are interested in contributing towards international development and peace-keeping, acquiring the necessary diplomatic skills from a school like Fletcher is a must. What is important to note about Fletcher is that you not only get to learn theories and skills in class, but you also get to interact with others and apply these skills at workshops and talks given by former and current diplomats. I hope to bring peace through the skills I will learn in mediation, conflict resolution, and international development. I want to be a part of the movement to bring equal opportunities for girls, not only in my country, but also around the world.

Favorite movie

A Beautiful Mind

Favorite food

Afghan cuisine

Most rewarding trip

My first trip to the US as an exchange student in 2006

Most memorable international experience

The screening of my documentary at the Open City Film Festival in London.

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher

Issues facing women and girls, violence against women, and lack of educational opportunities for girls

Fields of Study

International Development

Conflict Resolution

Activities involved in at Fletcher

ASEAN Society

Fletcher Diplomacy Club

Global Women

Human Rights Project

Women in International Security

Education before Fletcher

BA, International Politics and Peace & Conflict Studies, Juniata College

Experience before Fletcher

Fellow Advisor, Sahar, Seattle WA, United States

Student Assistant, Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies, Huntingdon, PA

Film Maker, Afghan Voices, Kabul, Afghanistan