Anantha Natalegawa, 2018, Indonesia

 Why I chose Fletcher: "Fletcher was unique in that it offered me the opportunity to pursue further education in business while also allowing for the study of subjects that typically fall outside the scope of traditional business programs. More specifically, upon learning about Fletcher's MIB degree, I was drawn to the prospect of having the freedom to delve into Development Economics in tandem with Strategic Management, having previously resigned myself to the idea of giving one field up in favor of the other. Fletcher from the outset encourages you to clearly define your career goals and build a curriculum specifically tailored to those objectives."

Collaboration at Fletcher: "Something that surprised me about Fletcher was the extent to which classes required that students work in groups. While an emphasis on collaboration is not unique to Fletcher among graduate schools, the diversity of experiences and backgrounds within the student body here forces you from the shell of your own perspective and necessitates an openness to tackling a project via an approach completely new to you. Though this can initially prove challenging, Fletcher students are not shy with their opinions on how best to solve a problem; the benefits to be gained are clear within the context of a growing reliance on global teams within both the public and private sector."

A very Fletcher moment: "Spending an extended amount of time on the substitutes bench at a Fletcher Futbol game discussing as to whether the team should adopt 'The Diplomats' or 'The Bridge-Builders' as a nickname. Both options were resoundingly vetoed by attending fans."

Favorite movie
Big Fish

Favorite musician or band
The Strokes

Favorite landmark
Bryant Park, New York City

Moment when you felt the furthest from home
Getting lost in Madrid as a child

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher
Widening income gap

Fields of Study

  • Strategic Management and International Consultancy
  • Development Economics

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Fletcher Social Investment Group
  • International Business Club
  • Fletcher Futbol

Education before Fletcher

  • Bachelor of Arts, Economics and Psychology, Colgate University

Experience before Fletcher

  • Senior Writer, Global Business Guide Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia


  • Indonesian
  • English