Ashraya Dixit, 2018, Nepal

 Why I chose Fletcher: "I came to The Fletcher School having lived through a turbulent period in Nepal. It was during that time that I realized how better economic relations with other economies may have helped the country handle the physical, social and political issues it faced then and continues to face. Fletcher seemed like an ideal place to understand the nuances of economic diplomacy because of the school's ability to bring together all relevant issues - economics, business, strategy, and development. Then I began talking to alums, expecting their responses to echo what one would expect from a traditional business school or international affairs program. But I found them to have quite a multidisciplinary perspective on complicated issues that are involved in economic diplomacy."

On collaboration at Fletcher: "Most of my classes at Fletcher have group work and/or assignments, and I believe working in teams has helped me understand course goals and materials much better. My peers have diverse professional backgrounds and each person's approach and perspective while doing the assignments or reflecting on readings adds to the conversation. They support your learning and also help you expand your tool-set for analysis."

Favorite magazine
The Economist

Favorite city
Ho Chi Minh City

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher
Economic Diplomacy

Fields of Study

  • International Finance and Banking
  • International Business & Economic Law

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Fletcher Social Investment Group
  • Fletcher Political Risk Group
  • Fletcher Finance Club

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, Economics, Mathematics, Grinnell College

Experience before Fletcher

  • Documentation Officer, National Association of Community Electricity Users - Nepal, Nepal
  • Research Assistant, Siddharthinc, Kathmandu, Nepal


  • Nepali
  • Hindi
  • English