Meghan Costello, 2018, United States

On the Decision to Attend Fletcher: Prior to Fletcher I worked for a few years internationally in the field as well as domestically, and so I wanted to find a professional program that offered me the direct skills I would need in my career path. I had studied political science and peace studies as an undergraduate and had gained some on-the-ground development experience during my time in the Peace Corps in Rwanda.  I worked on a girls’ education and empowerment project that was successful in part because the Rwandan government supports a public policy that is inclusive of women. I want to look for ways to promote and build similar policy opportunities within other countries. When deciding between law school and international affairs schools in order to promote these opportunities, Fletcher stood out instantly. The courses offered in the MALD degree give students the context and analytical thinking skills to work on the ground while also providing practical courses in negotiation and economics that will be essential on the job front. Fletcher’s community is comprised of passionate, civic-minded students and professors from around the globe, and I knew I would be able to obtain multi-dimensional perspectives and learn the necessary skills to then influence sustainable advocacy of girls’ empowerment and human rights.

On the Peace Corps Network at Fletcher: Fletcher is brimming with returned Peace Corps Volunteers! As someone who had had that cross-cultural experience abroad and developed relationships with community members that were built on trust and respect, I knew how amazing it would be to learn in an environment with both people from around the world and Americans who respected other cultures. I heard about the program from a student who was in Peace Corps Rwanda with me, and I soon realized the vast interconnected web of returned Volunteers and Fletcher Alumni. I knew instantly that this was my school, these were my people, and this was a network I wanted.

Favorite newspaper

Chicago Tribune

Favorite food

Pasta with red sauce

Favorite landmark


Most rewarding trip

Hiking the Semien Mountains in Ethiopia

Most pressing world issue

Girls Education and Empowerment

Fields of Study

Public International Law

Human Security

Activities involved in at Fletcher

Africana Club

Global Woman, The Gender Initiative

Harvard Law and International Development Society

Culinary Diplomacy Club

Education before Fletcher

BA, Political Science, University of Notre Dame

Experience before Fletcher

Senior Virtual Recruiter, Peace Corps, Chicago IL

Regional Recruiter, Peace Corps, Chicago

Education Volunteer, Peace Corps, Nyamiyaga, Rwanda