Laurance Cosper, 2018, United States

On the student body: I believe that one of Fletcher's greater attributes, if not the greatest, is the diversity of the student body. Everyone is so eager to learn about each other's story, and because we all come from different corners of the world, the diversity of thought, culture, language, and experience enriches all of our time here at Fletcher. It simultaneously makes the world smaller while also expanding our understanding of it. Fletcher cultural nights, for example of African, Latin, Asian traditions, and the students' participation in those nights regardless of heritage or culture are emblematic of how valuable we hold our diversity and appreciate it.

On Fletcher’s Career Services: The Career Services and Professional Development Program at Fletcher was one of the biggest draws for me in deciding to enroll. It's a tremendous feeling to have the one-two punch of faculty who care about the knowledge and skills you acquire in the classroom, but you also have a dedicated team of career counselors who work to pair students with opportunities in the world. Even more comforting, was that one of the counselors boldly stated, "We work with you for life," during the students' introductory meeting with Career Services at the very beginning of the year. Whether or not someone knows the ins-and-outs of an elevator pitch, is the resume consultant of friends and family, or is comfortable with cover letters or interviews, the fact that Career Services prioritizes these hard skills for all students to brush up on and strive to master shows me that the team is serious about polishing our first impressions and making sure we are in the best position to compete for and receive desirable jobs. They are a team that leaves nothing to chance, and I am forever thankful for their service.

Favorite website


Favorite landmark

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Most memorable international experience

Studying Arabic in Amman, Jordan

Favorite lecture attended

Professor Mankad's Consulting Workshop

Favorite location on campus

Murrow Room

Fields of Study

International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Religion and Diplomacy

Activities involved in at Fletcher

Fletcher Strategic Simulation Society

Fletcher Culinary Diplomacy


Fletcher Students of Color and Allies

Education before Fletcher

MA, Public Policy and Administration, Northwestern University, IL

BS, Culture and Politics, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Experience before Fletcher

Early College Scholars Instructor, Gary Comer College Prep High School, Chicago, IL

Mathematics Instructor, Gary Comer College Prep Middle School, Chicago, IL

Mathematics Instructor, Muchin College Prep High School, Chicago, IL