Zareera Bukhari, 2018, Pakistan

Why Fletcher: I chose Fletcher because it was the only program that allowed me the opportunity to merge my interests in international finance and economic security while also giving me a global perspective. I also feel there is so much flexibility in the multidisciplinary program at Fletcher for any array of interests, encompassing fields such as environmental advocacy, political risk, development economics, and foreign policy. The opportunities for merging diverse ideas, conducting intensive research under the guidance of world-renowned experts and excelling in niche career paths is unrivaled. I also felt I would benefit from working with a diverse cohort of talented individuals in a program that concentrates on learning from different experiences and perspectives. I come from a region of the world where many pressing issues are caused by failures to celebrate diversity and difference, and this element of community was extremely important to me.

On Fletcher’s Global Perspective: In a very short amount of time, Fletcher has changed how I look at the world. It seems a lot smaller, because so much of it can be represented by the experiences, aspirations, ideas and backgrounds of my friends and classmates. At the same time, it seems so much vaster than anything I could have imagined because every story of home that a new friend shares is one more life-changing moment that I’m alien to and wish to experience myself. I think this is as crucial an element of the learning process at Fletcher as the curriculum, which in turn teaches you how to place national challenges within a global framework and think beyond the processes you might have been used to. It is not unusual to find yourself studying a complex regional issue with the other members of your research group being from countries facing the flipside of the same problem. The world therefore seems a lot more interconnected and I have learned to think of solutions to complex issues from many different perspectives.

Favorite blog


Favorite movie


Favorite musician or band


Favorite city

New York

Most pressing world issue

Climate Change

Fields of Study

International Business Relations

International Business and Economic Law

Activities involved in at Fletcher

The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs

Harvard Law & International Development Society (LIDS)

Science Diplomacy Club

Education before Fletcher

BS, Political Science, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)

Experience before Fletcher

Policy Advisor, Organization for Social Development Initiatives, Karachi, Pakistan

Community Lead, Adcom Leo Burnett, Karachi, Pakistan

Summer Internship

Economic Affairs Intern - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), New York, NY