Bupe Mazimba, 2017, Zambia and the United States

 The Academic Experience: The flexibility of the curriculum at Fletcher is something to marvel at. There is always something to do at Fletcher. Campus always feels busy, but with purpose. Due to the flexibility of the curriculum I have taken all of the classes I wanted this semester and feel that I have a good balance between my academic commitments and the myriad social and professional opportunities open to Fletcher students. I especially love when I can make reference to or draw connections between what I am learning in my classes and the work of guest speakers and others at Fletcher.

On Career Services: As a career changer, I was very invested in the required Professional Development Program. The ability to interact with your fellow students who have been in the field, doing the work that you want to be doing, while getting world class career advice cannot be surpassed. The resources are amazing. The opportunity to have your resume collaboratively and constructively critiqued for maximum effectiveness in addition to being able to practice your elevator pitch so as to shine on career trips truly makes professional development at Fletcher one of a kind.

Favorite blog:


Favorite movie:

Shakespeare In Love

Moment when you felt the furthest from home:

Moving to the White Mountain School in Bethlehem, NH (North Country) at 13 years old

Most memorable international experience:

Moving to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at 7 years old

Fields of Study

International Political Economy

Development Economics

Activities involved in at Fletcher

Africana Club

The Fletcher International Development Club

PRAXIS - The Fletcher Journal Of Human Security

Education before Fletcher

BA, Economics - St. Lawrence University

Experience before Fletcher

Program Associate - Room to Grow, National Inc., Boston, MA

Co-Founder - LiveFlavour, Concord, MA 01742

Business Development Rep. - Hubspot, Cambridge, MA