Sarah Lombardo, 2017, United States

Why Fletcher?  I was first drawn to Fletcher because every Fletcher alumnus/na I met could not stop talking about how great Fletcher was. The community aspect really made me feel like it was an environment that I could belong in, all the while challenging myself through the rigorous curriculum at the school. Moreover, I decided to attend Fletcher because the school simultaneously focuses on teaching its students lessons that will stand the test of time, while pushing students to take on the most pressing challenges facing the world today. I think this is an incredibly difficult balance to strike, but it is something Fletcher does better than any other school I considered.

On the flexibility of the curriculum: I think the flexibility of the Fletcher curriculum speaks to how much Fletcher entrusts its students to craft a program to fit their own unique needs. This is a huge part of why Fletcher is able to not only accommodate its students, but also allow them to excel in an incredibly diverse set of ways. Personally, I chose Fletcher because it does not rely on a cookie cutter model. I felt that it was a place where I could design a degree that would give me a breadth of knowledge as well as expertise in areas most relevant to my career goals. Overall, the flexibility Fletcher affords its students makes the community stronger and more supportive of its students.

Favorite book:

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

Favorite food:

Soup Dumplings

Fletcher alumnus you admire:

Ambassador Thomas Pickering

Best place to study:

Diesel Café

Favorite lecture attended:

Sarah Chayes and Emma Sky on the U.S. Experience in Iraq and Afghanistan

Fields of Study

International Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

International Security Studies

Activities involved in at Fletcher

Diplomacy Club

International Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Club

Education before Fletcher

BA, International Affairs - Northeastern University

Experience before Fletcher

Project/Research Assistant - Beyond Conflict, Cambridge, MA, United States

Political and Economic Co-op - The Office of the High Representative, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina