Nathaniel Rosenblum, 2016, United States

On selecting Fletcher: When I was applying to graduate school, I was in the middle of rethinking my professional direction.  After three years spent trying out a variety of lifestyles by first traveling, then working for myself, then working on a political campaign, then for a municipal government, and finally working for an NGO, I was more than a little bit uncertain about my direction. The issues I knew interested me were equity and economic fairness in the global marketplace, especially as these issues relate to agriculture. I needed to retool and gain an exposure to the business sector and the skills needed to succeed there without losing sight of the things that mattered to me. The Fletcher School, along with the Friedman School of Nutrition where I am also a student, offered a perfect way to gain more depth in the areas that interested me while keeping the big picture issues in mind.  Specifically I saw the MALD program's emphasis on choosing two areas of study as being extremely useful in helping me focus while not constraining me within a set curriculum. I came to visit, sat in on Kim Wilson's class on Market Approaches to Human Development class, and  could tell that this was a place I would fit in personally and also develop professionally.

On how Fletcher has broadened my perspective: At Fletcher I have met a dizzying variety of people from an incredible variety of places I think the most broadening experience I have had so far has been my interactions with returning U.S. Military personnel, both veterans and those still on active duty.  Until coming to Fletcher, I had never really had a conversation with anyone from the armed forces, and my political leanings usually have tended away from supporting military solutions. The political leanings haven't changed, but my perceptions of the military have. These people, like all Fletcher students are thoughtful and critical observers of world affairs, keenly aware of in the issues facing the military. I have been nothing but impressed with these classmates and I look forward to getting to hear their perspectives more as I continue at Fletcher.

Favorite author
Jorge Luis Borges

Favorite food

Favorite city
La Paz

Most rewarding trip
To tea plantations in Darjeeling

Moment when you felt the furthest from home
In a tuareg camp outside of Timbuktu

Fields of Study

  • Development Economics
  • International Business Relations

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, History, Carleton College

Experience before Fletcher

  • Internal Program Consultant, Physicians for Human Rights, Cambridge, MA USA
  • Food Pantry Assistant, City of Cambridge, Cambridge, MA USA


  • French
  • Spanish
  • English