Moises Montiel, 2015, Venezuela

Why I chose Fletcher: To truly understand the world, it is necessary to be able to look around us and grasp the realities while also being able to understand why things happen. This is why I chose Fletcher. Coming from a predominantly legal background and being fascinated with research and academia, it is incredibly easy to get lost in theories and prescriptions about what the world ought to be. Fletcher's unique way of bringing together a rich theoretical knowledge with a practitioner's perspective is, to me, what sets Fletcher apart from any other school, and such an approach is vital in our modern world if we are to truly make a difference. In addition, at Fletcher, we have the opportunity to tailor our studies in an interdisciplinary, relevant and - most importantly - personal way. For example, being able to study International Organizations, Public International Law, and Security Studies at the same time has given me an invaluable insight into how Public International Law continues to be relevant in the 21st century while facing so many challenges. A comprehensive analysis of the reasons, motives, and forces at play will undoubtedly render a better understanding of the law and how it ought to be thought about in order to improve it. Coming from a country plagued by challenges and difficulties over the last decade, such as institutional and democratic deterioration, I am confident that Fletcher will give me the skills and knowledge to address these challenges at home. A Fletcher education goes far beyond the classroom. It entails not only academic knowledge but also values like tolerance, respect, diversity, responsibility, hard work, and a genuine belief in the interconnectedness of the world. Such values, I’m sure, are the banners under which I would like my country –and the world at large- to stand beneath.

On the quality of the faculty: The quality of the faculty at Fletcher is unsurpassed. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, they have also had a prominent and substantial participation in modern-day international events. These remarkable individuals will not only share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas but also encourage critical thought and well-founded opinions.

Favorite magazine
Foreign Affairs

Favorite author
Albert Camus

Favorite food

Most pressing world issue
Inaction in the face of mass atrocities

Most interesting person you’ve met at Fletcher
Professor Michael Glennon

Fields of Study

  • International Organizations
  • Public International Law

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • International Law Society

Education before Fletcher

  • Specialist, Human Rights, Universidad Central de Venezuela
  • Specialist, International Law and Politics, Universidad Central de Venezuela
  • LLB, Universidad Central de Venezuela

Experience before Fletcher

  • Political Section Assistant / Legal Advisor, Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, Caracas, Venezuela
  • Legal Advisor, Advocacy and Legal Advice Center, Transparency Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela
  • Legal Research Assistant, Montiel & Asociados Law Firm, Caracas, Venezuela


  • Spanish
  • French
  • English