Catriona Jones, 2016, United Kingdom, United States

My favorite class: Thus far my favorite class has been the Design and Monitoring Module course because it equips international development practitioners with the hard skills that are critical in the field.  The professor constantly used real life examples to illuminate the necessity of change in the field and the importance of program design. This was a fantastic course because it gave me a framework that I can use in all of my other Fletcher classes and gave me the skills to be a better problem-solver.

How I first learned about Fletcher: I first heard about Fletcher during an ultimate frisbee game in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Every weekend a group of Hondurans and Ex-pats would meet up and play a serious game of ultimate frisbee. One particular Saturday, I started chatting with a fellow player about how he had found himself in Honduras and he mentioned Fletcher. At the time I was thinking about applying to graduate school but had not really started researching programs. As soon as I started asking him about Fletcher, his eyes lit up and the stories flowed. We talked a few more times over coffee and chilenas (Honduran cookies) about why he had chosen Fletcher and how it had helped him in his professional career. During the application process, I applied to other programs but always knew that I would end up at Fletcher because I wanted to be able to be a part of this world that had inspired my friend.

Favorite magazine
The Economist

Favorite movie
The Rock

Favorite city

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher
Sustainable development

Favorite location on campus
On top of the Tisch Library

Fields of Study

  • Development Economics
  • Human Security

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • FLAG
  • Law and International Development Society
  • DME Consulting Club

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, Government, Franklin and Marshall College
  • BA, Dance, Franklin and Marshall College

Experience before Fletcher

  • Personal Service Contractor, USAID, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • Development Intern, Fair Trade USA, Oakland, CA
  • Volunteer, Peace Corps, Ocotepeque, Honduras


  • Spanish
  • English