Nengah Yuni Ariastiti, 2016, Indonesia

On selecting Fletcher: Fletcher is one of the most renowned graduate schools of international relations in the entire world. If one wants to gain extensive knowledge of international law and diplomacy, Fletcher is the perfect place. As a Foreign Service Officer, having in-depth academic knowledge is a central requirement. However, that is not enough, because to become a seasoned diplomat, you will need to have a profound understanding of the current global issues and be able to establish a wide professional network. All of those prerequisites can be found here in Fletcher, where students are prepared to be leaders in their fields and to make a significant change in their respective countries and the world. The Fletcher Community consists of many great people with different cultural backgrounds and expertise. Many of those are influential government officials, military officers, or returned Peace Corps volunteers. In addition, Fletcher students support each other as we seek to achieve our academic and career goals. It is a great honor for me to be a member of the Fletcher community.

On the classroom experience: My favorite class is Sustainable Development Diplomacy, taught by Professor Mihaela Papa and Professor Patrick Verkooijen. This is a very effective class consisting of students from different countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Thailand, Indonesia, the United States, India and others. With this background, we can share our knowledge and understand how environmental policy is implemented in other states. The curriculum is rigorously designed with many important guest speakers.

Favorite magazine
National Geographic

Favorite city
The Hague

Favorite landmark
Louvre Museum

Most rewarding trip
My first diplomatic internship in Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo

Most pressing world issue
Climate change

Fields of Study

  • International Environment and Resource Policy
  • International Organizations

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Fletcher Energy and Environment Club
  • Fletcher United Nations Club
  • Asia Club

Education before Fletcher

  • Bachelor of Political Science, International Relations, Airlangga University

Experience before Fletcher

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  Jakarta, Indonesia


  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • English