Uzair Younus, 2015, Pakistan

Consultant - IBB Consulting Group, New York, NY

Why Fletcher:
  I chose Fletcher because of the warmth I felt on my first visit to the campus. I was welcomed by the staff as well as the current students on campus. Students were willing to engage with me, talk to me about my interests, and were always available on the phone or via email to answer any questions I had. I did not detect this same attitude at other IR schools that I visited and felt that if I were to pursue a career change, I would like to be in a place where people are friendly, diverse, and open to views and opinions that conflict with their own beliefs. The openness of students at Fletcher convinced me to attend the school, and this openness was the most important reason why I am here.

Favorite course: For me, Role of Force has been THE class of the semester. Despite the number of readings due every week and the fact that it starts at 7:45am, the experience in the classroom is just amazing. Professor Shultz is always engaging and makes the class a great experience. What adds more flavor to the class are the discussions that we all engage in as everyone pitches in their own views. Sometimes these discussions get prolonged and before you know it, Professor Shultz is calling timeout to ensure that the lecture moves on. He also makes sure that we have military fellows in our study groups, and the presence of these fellows makes discussions outside the classroom very exciting. We continue to learn from each others' perspectives, experiences, and cultures all the time and are pushed to learn the art of agreeing to disagree. All in all, this class has been great and I would recommend it to any first-year coming to Fletcher.

Favorite newspaper:

New York Times

Favorite movie:


Favorite musician or band:

Gareth Emery and Above and Beyond

Favorite city:


Favorite location on campus:

Fletcher Field

Fields of Study:

  • International Security Studies
  • Strategic Management and International Consultancy

Activities involved in at Fletcher:

  • Student Council
  • International Business Council
  • Fletcher Security Review

Education before Fletcher:

  • BS, Economics and Finance, Minor in Computer Information Systems, Bentley University

Experience before Fletcher:

  • Deloitte Digital, Technology Consultant, New York, NY, USA


  • Urdu
  • Hindi
  • English