Abaceen Nasimi, 2013, Afghanistan

How I first learned about Fletcher: I first learned about Fletcher in a cafe in Kabul from a Fletcher alumnus who had a key position in the EU. The conversation about Fletcher came out of nowhere, but its impact was huge as I'm here at Fletcher now. After my conversation, I visited Fletcher’s website and started asking questions from people who knew about Fletcher. Everything I heard was great. I was so impressed with their comments about the diversity of the school and the professors being world-renowned and current practitioners in their fields. 

On the diversity of the school: The student body is an amazingly diverse collection of people with rich backgrounds and tremendous experience, from U.S. military fellows that served in war zones, to aid workers in Africa, to governmental advisors, to EU lawyers, to journalists on the front lines; I found them all here in one small study group. Fletcher is the place you go when you want to know about the most pressing world issues and where you learn how and why they are happening and what impact they leave behind. I found Fletcher to be an extraordinary place for making connections with the next generation of policy leaders and great minds.

Favorite Newspaper:

The New York Times

Favorite Movie:

The English Patient

Favorite Website:


Favorite City:

Herat, Vilnius

Most Pressing World Issue:

Religious Radicalism, The greed for natural resources

Fields of Study

  • International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
    International Security Studies
    Political Systems and Theories

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Fletcher Students in Security
    Fletcher Debating Society
    New Middle East Group

Education before Fletcher

  • MD, General Medicine, Kabul Medical University

Experience before Fletcher

  • Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR), Program Coordinator – Kabul, Afghanistan
    International Media Support (IMS), Country Representative – Kabul, Afghanistan
    Journalists Safety & Protection Committee, Director – Kabul, Afghanistan (covering Pakistan & Iran)


  • Pashto