Jaya Movva, 2013, India

Why I chose Fletcher: When I spoke to a friend from Boston who was also interested in the private sector and international development, he suggested a different type of MBA program, the MIB program at Fletcher. I wanted to pursue a degree that not only taught me the fundamentals of business, but also made me aware of the social, political, economic and cultural impacts that businesses have on regions. Fletcher has a truly international and diverse alumni and student body that can help you in any region in the world. A glance at its curriculum made me feel that Fletcher could open doors for a range of opportunities in the public and private sectors.

On campus life: No day at Fletcher is the same. You learn something new every day through classes, guest speakers and conferences. Topics are diverse and can range from the Greek debt financial crisis to education development models for sub-Saharan Africa. Upon walking into the hall of flags, you see people from all over the world with such varied backgrounds. Fletcher is buzzing with life, and the student body celebrates all types of festivals, some of which you may have not even heard of. The world truly comes together at Fletcher!

Favorite Newspaper:


Favorite Movie:

The Pianist

Favorite Website:


Favorite Landmark:

The Colosseum, Rome

Favorite Lecture Attended:

What UNICEF can learn from UNILEVER by Dean Chakrvati and Peter Uvin

Fields of Study

  • Law and Development
    Strategic Management and International Consultancy

Summer Internship

Summer Associate, I-DEV International - Nairobi, Kenya

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Vice President of Boards Fellow Program, Net Impact
    Mediterranean Club
    Fletcher Youth Initiative
    Distance learning education model research project for Dialog-Nenasa, Srilanka
    Harvard Law and International Development society

Education before Fletcher

  • Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo

Experience before Fletcher

  • Network International, Project Analyst - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Motorola Inc., Senior Electrical Design engineer - Libertyville, IL
    Acer Computers, Intern - Dubai, United Arab Emirates


  • Hindi