Maria Jose Ocampo, 2011, Mexico

 How my experience at Fletcher has changed the way I look at the world: After just a few weeks Fletcher had completely changed the way I look at the world. This happened not only because of the student body, but also because of the amazing professors, courses, and various meetings and conferences the School organizes. It’s amazing how much I have learned from all the different perspectives that arise from a subject. In a two-day conference covering the Armenian/Turkish conflict, we had the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia at Fletcher one day, followed by a Turkish journalist the next.  Hearing both viewpoints and seeing how each view the conflict differently was extremely interesting and astonishing.

How I plan to use my experience at Fletcher to make a difference in the world: After Fletcher, I realize I have a big responsibility not only to my country but also to the international community. I want to engage in international legal affairs and political issues in order to give solutions to actual problems. I want Mexico to understand the importance of the international community and to have an impact across borders.

Favorite magazine:
The Economist

Favorite newspaper:
New York Times / Reforma

Favorite blog:
Fashion Blogs

Favorite author:
Pablo Coelho

Favorite movie:
Meet Joe Black

Favorite lecture attended:
Seminar On Peace Operations

Fields of Study

  • International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • Political Systems and Theories
  • Public International Law
  • Public and NGO Management

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Latin America Club
  • International Law Society
  • International Negotiation And Conflict Resolution

Education before Fletcher

  • Law Degree, Universidad Iberoamericana

Experience before Fletcher

  • Mexican Congress, Assistant Of Congressman - Mexico
  • Bufete Becerra Pocoroba, Internship In Tax Law Firm - S.C.; Mexico
  • Barrera, Siqueiros Y Torreslanda, Internship In Law Firm - S.C.; Mexico


  • Spanish
  • French
  • English