Jiin An, 2011, Republic of Korea

 Why I chose Fletcher: While working in the public sector, I felt that my understanding of the world was limited to my diplomatic circle.  I needed to meet more people from various backgrounds and life experiences, and Fletcher was the perfect place to do that.  Not only do I learn from the faculty, who are very balanced between academic insight and field experience, but I also learn a lot from my peers whose previous work experience provided interesting perspectives both in and outside of the classroom.

Something that has surprised me about Fletcher: I was very surprised by the School's well-designed Professional Development Program and strong alumni network. Also, the Fletcher community has a very inclusive and cooperative culture; this is very helpful for international students, like me, to settle in and engage with others.

Favorite magazine:

The Economist

Favorite newspaper:

The Financial Times

Favorite city:


Favorite lecture attended:

Maritime History and Globalization

Fields of Study

  • Development Economics
  • International Organizations
  • International Political Economy

Education Before Fletcher:

  • BA, Sociology and English Language and Literature, Yonsei University

Experience Before Fletcher:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Second Secretary - Seoul, Korea


  • Korean

  • French

  • English