Got questions? Take a look below and see if your answer is here. If not, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or in person. And if you think of any questions we should add, please let us know!

Who is my representative and how can I get in touch?

You can contact any of the representatives individually or contact the entire Council at fletcher-council@elist.tufts.edu  with your concerns and suggestions.

There are three first-year representatives, three second-year representatives, and one PhD representative. Each of us on Student Council represents the entire student body at meetings with the Senior Administration.

I've been nominated to a committee. What would I have to do and how much time would it take?

Each committee has different responsibilities and the time commitment varies. To start with, check out our committees and orgs page. If you still have questions, we recommend that you send a message to the listserv and see who was on the committee in question the prior year Solicit any advice they can give.

I've been asked to run student elections. What would I need to do?

The Student Council appoints an Election Commission that consists of three students currently enrolled at The Fletcher School who are not running for office in the election. The Election Commission is responsible for the practical organization of the entire election, including nominations, polling procedures, vote counts and announcement of the results. The Election Commission should work closely with the Fletcher Webmaster.

What is ALBO and how do you fill out a budget?

ALBO stands for Allocation Board. At ALBO meetings, Student Council members and staff members review student organization budget requests and allocate funds.

For any student organization to receive funding from the school, the group must fill out a budget and submit it to ALBO. When filling out your budget, BE SPECIFIC! Don't write a dollar amount, and then a general descriptive, such as "event" or "supplies." Specify what you are asking for—name the event and how many people you hope will attend, list the types of supplies and the reasons that you will need them.

Our organization didn't get the amount requested in our ALBO budget. Why?

Student Council and the administration does its best to be fair and divide available funding among many organizations, but we have to balance the money we have, which can vary considerably year to year. Different groups do get different amounts, and it is rare that you will get all that you ask for. We consider a number of things when allocating funding. We look at a group's specific circumstances. We look at how many activities the group offered and to whom, and its past history of expenditure. We also consider whether a group might be able to get funding from other sources. Some groups may get more because ALBO deems that there is no other department or entity from whom those groups could otherwise get funding. If you do not have enough, all is not lost. Read on...

I need further funding for my organization. What are my options?

Please try and account for your activities in your budget. But we know that extraordinary circumstances arise. Therefore, if you find you need additional funding, you have a couple of options. The best one is to approach a professor or department that might have discretionary funding and would be interested in helping sponsor your event(s). As a last resort, you may approach Student Council. Some years the Council may keep some money aside for these purposes. However, if money is tight that year, they may not.

How do I get reimbursed for my organization's activities?

An organization can submit receipts for events or activities to the Student Affairs Coordinator. However, it is important to know that not everything gets reimbursed. For example, in order for reimbursement to occur, your event must be open to the entire Fletcher community. Also, make sure to clear your budget items with the Office of Student Affairs before you spend the money, or you might be left holding the receipts!


I'm planning for a cultural event or big conference. How early should I start planning and what do I need to consider?

On average, planning about a month and a half in advance is sufficient, although obviously some events need to be planned earlier. Reserve a space for the event as early as possible by contacting Marinela Fula or Shelley Adams. You should find out whether your event will require security. If you need additional sound and light equipment, you can contact Tufts Light and Sound and rent it.