The Fletcher School establishes special Committees and Advisory Boards on a permanent and ad-hoc basis and meet somewhere between once a month and once a semester. Each committee generally has two student members. Most committees on average require a few hours of participation a month, though some may take substantially less or more.

There are several reasons you might want to consider running for a committee or accepting a committee nomination. Generally, the time commitment is not large. It is a unique opportunity to get to know various faculty and staff. It also gives you, the student, a chance to have an impact on the social and academic aspects of student life.

The following list contains brief descriptions of the different committees of which students are members:

  • Committee on Career Services. Members serve as liaisons to the Office of Career Services (OCS), as private, public, or non-profit sector representative and address OCS services such as career counseling, e-recruiting, newsletters, career trips, and strategic plans for OCS.
  • Committee on Diversity and Inclusiveness. Members meet with faculty and staff to make decisions related to Fletcher School policies.
  • Committee on Student Academic Programs. This committee meets once a semester to review student academic petitions.
  • Committee on Academic Integrity. This committee considers alleged violations of the Code of Academic Integrity and any cases referred to the Committee under the Policy on Capricious Grading. The committee meets as necessary throughout the year.