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SovereigNet offers a multidisciplinary approach to research on sovereign and institutional wealth. Through an array of activities, SovereigNet interacts with academics, fund managers, financial advisors and other experts to collect and distribute information.

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In collaboration with supporters State Street Corporation and K&L Gates, LLP, SWFI is conducting a series of bi-lateral webinars for individual sovereign wealth funds and other large institutional investors. Topics are often tailored to meet the interests of the participants. A key objective is to introduce for discussions the latest research and best practices on broad public policy issues, institutional governance, capital market impacts and fund-level investment policy. These confidential sessions include representatives from Fletcher, State Street and K&L Gates.

Modified webinar presentations will be accessible here as they become available.


Factoring Exchange Rate Policies into your Investment Strategy: Risks Facing Andean Countries

In this presentation, CEME Senior Fellow Dr. Eliot Kalter outlines the implications of surging capital inflows and the difficult policy choices they present to sovereign investors in the Latin American Andean region.