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SovereigNet offers a multidisciplinary approach to research on sovereign and institutional wealth. Through an array of activities, SovereigNet interacts with academics, fund managers, financial advisors and other experts to collect and distribute information.

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The Geographic Challenges of Establishing Sovereign Wealth Funds in Frontier Markets: A Case Study Analysis

As countries ponder the establishment of a sovereign investment vehicle, they are inevitably confronted with a myriad of integrated challenges.  In fact some of these are accentuated by sovereign ownership itself: as state owned entities, SWFs are embedded in the political economies of their host countries, and must navigate their complexities.  Further complicating the matter is the location of many new SWFs on the frontier of global finance.  In this very insightful analysis, Adam Robbins makes effective use of interview data on Mongolia and Trinidad and Tobago – certainly contrasted geographies – to understand how policymakers “on the frontier” engage in institution-building in the face of various geographic, political, and knowledge management challenges.