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Javier Capapé


Javier is currently PhD Candidate at ESADE Business School, under supervision of Javier Santiso (ESADE Business School, Madrid) and Ruth Aguilera (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL), focused in Sovereign Wealth Funds both from economics and international business perspectives. He is Researcher at the ESADEgeo-Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics.

Javier Capapé studied Economics at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (awarded with highest marks distinction, 2007). After finishing his studies he started a M.A. on Financial Economics in the same university under the supervision of Emilio Ontiveros (2009). He started his research on Sovereign Wealth Funds. After that he kept engaged with economics and he did the first year of M.Sc. Economic Analysis at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2010), and M.A. on International Economic Analysis from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (2011). He turned to ESADE Business School in Barcelona where he finished a M.Res. in Management Sciences (2012) under the supervision of Javier Santiso focusing again on Sovereign Wealth Funds.

He had been intern for Deloitte (2006) where he audited Santander Asset Management, Credit Suisse, and Société Générale. He had worked as research assistant at IESE Business School in two periods: First, researching on CEO’s failure (research featured in Economist Intelligence Unit (UK), NASA Leadership (US), América Economía (Chile), La Nación (Argentina), Melhor Gestão de Pessoas, Brasil), with Guido Stein (2009); Second, he worked on HR tools’ effectiveness with Lourdes Susaeta and José Ramón Pin (a paper was presented in the VII International Workshop on HR Management in Seville, 2011). In 2010 he was Teaching Assistant in Universidad Carlos III de Madrid where he taught Econometrics (with César Alonso-Borrego) and Public Economy (Ignacio Ortuño-Ortín). He has been RA at ESADE Business School since 2011 for Javier Santiso. He is coordinating Start Up Spain series (with more than 4,000 attendees); His research on entrepreneurship and SWFs have been featured in El Mundo, El País, Expansión and Cinco Días. He coordinates the ESADEgeo Sovereign Wealth Fund Report, cited in the World Investment Report published by UNCTAD (2013). He was Visiting Scholar at University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) with Ruth Aguilera during Spring 2013.

His research interests are Sovereign Wealth Funds, International Business, Development Economics, Corporate Governance, and Entrepreneurship. He has published Working Papers at IESE Business School and ESADE Business School. Also, he has published book chapters in edited books on SWFs and Africa. He presented his research on SWFs at the IV Conference on Public Investors co-organized by the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements in the World Bank in December, 2012. He has attended conferences in Paris, Prague, Washington and New York. He regularly writes for blogs such as Idearium (El País) and on Africa and SWFs.

He practices sports (tennis, soccer, paddle), enjoys reading and listening good music. He likes history, architecture, painting, and sharp-screenplay movies. He was born in Oviedo (Spain). Javier is fluent in Spanish and English, and he knows a bit of German.