What should I wear?

Students – student casual.

Military – Business casual, uniforms are not required.

Sport coat is sufficient for briefers.

What about parking?

Directions to parking areas and Fletcher will be posted under ‘Directions’

Where can I eat?

Complimentary continental breakfast and lunch will be served on Saturday – all participants are guests of The Fletcher School

What do I need to do in preparation?

  • Control Team Member
- Plan on a 60 minute instructional briefing the first day
- Thorough knowledge of background and procedures 

  • Senior Mentor 
- Responsible for team’s preparation and execution
- Thorough knowledge of background, procedures and resources on web site

  • Laptops – most people prefer to use their own laptop, there are limited computers at The Fletcher School 

How do I use my laptop on the Tufts network?

In order to have your computers available online for the exercise, we will register your laptops during registration.  To speed up the registration process, please send Nate or Andy the MAC address of the device you wish to register no later than October 19th

What else should I bring?

Sweater or jacket (some classrooms might be cool)