Program on Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization


The study of Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization has taken on additional significance in light of current events and rapid global change.

Since 1984, the Program on Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization has enjoyed a distinguished reputation not only within the Fletcher Community, but also throughout the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs.

The primary goal of this program is to imbue Fletcher students with a multi-disciplinary approach in analyzing the political, economic, cultural, and social conditions of Southwest Asia. The program further aims to prepare its graduates to successfully assume leadership positions in both the public and private sectors of this ever changing region of the world.

The professional approach to education coupled with extracurricular activities, including guest lectures, academic symposiums, discussion groups, trips, and diplomatic training programs continue to make the program one of the most informative, popular, and academically stimulating at The Fletcher School.

Students of the program come from a wide variety of backgrounds and locations across all corners the globe. Most of our students enter the program after having held positions in government, international business, NGOs, and academia. The eclectic mix of students makes for informative discussions and lively debates both in and outside of the classroom. Such an environment is both rewarding and extremely thought provoking, and permits students to finish the program with a strong global perspective.