Student Theses

The Fletcher School Student Thesis collection is a selection of the student theses written each year as a requirement to graduate. Student theses archive 2001-2008. To research older theses, go to the Tufts Digital Library.

2013-2014 Academic Year

Blankenship, Sara.
Dead in the Water? A Comparative Analysis of the Battle Between Consuming and Conserving Two of the World’s Most Iconic Seafood Species - Atlantic Bluefin Tuna and Sharks

Bunnag, Yuttalid.
Burma's Forgotten Frontline: The Dilemmas of Ethnic Politics, Self-Determination and Democratic Governance (the Case Study of Kachin)

Durgavanshi, Siddharth S.
Impact of Corporate Governance Practices on Financial Performance of Microfinance Institutions in India

Houngbedji, Marlene M.
Praeda Preda, Desuetude of a Gendered Code

Kemmer, Michael R.
Malaria Treatment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Drug Development and Cost-Effectiveness Strategies

McEvoy, Bretton James
Gender-Just Reparations: Key Elements and Approaches

Meadows, Leah B.
The Impact of BRAC's Food for Training and Income Generation Program in South Sudan on Boys' and Girls' Education Outcomes

Meservey, Joshua R.
The Somali Insurgency: The Growing Threat of Terror's Resurgence

Paradis, Evan M.
Encouraging Nuclear Innovation: What Small Modular Reactors Can Learn from Nuclear Attack Submarine Development

Paul, Elizabeth L.
Food Security Resilience in Somalia: A Critical Review and Conceptual Framework for Intervention

Rosenbaum, Benjamin C.
Counterterrorism Lessons for Cybersecurity: How a Decade’s Worth of Experience Fighting Terrorism Can Provide Insights into Mitigating the Threat of Cyber Attacks

Schwartz, Claudia L.
Turning the Lights Back On: Strategies for Private Participation in Electricity Infrastructure in Post-Conflict States

Shim, Nari.
Korea's Multiculturalism Policy and Media Discourse

Soltys, Gabrielle C.
Exclusion and Agency in Rio de Janeiro: An Analysis of the Marginalization of Favela Residents and their Resistance to Violence

Spielmann, Mary Chapman.
American Citizen Services: Consular Internship in Guadalajara, Mexico 2013

Taussig, Torrey E.
From Liberty to Liberation: the Theory and Practice of American Exceptionalism

Vader, Jennie L
Enhancing the Value of Monitoring in International Development: Lessons from Literature and Practice

Van Son, Ian G.
Germany’s Unwillingness to Lead: The Nature and Exercise of its Power, and How its History, Normalization, and Economic Concerns Have Brought About an Existential Crisis and Reluctance to Lead Alone

Yohannes, Keren I.
Coercive Coverage? A Study of Media Influence on U.S. Foreign Policy towards Sierra Leone

Zoller, Drew E.
End of an era: why the erosion of petroleum's monopoly on fueling transportation should drive Saudi Arabia to raise output and lower prices