Student Theses

The Fletcher School Student Thesis collection is a selection of the student theses written each year as a requirement to graduate. Student theses archive 2001-2008. To research older theses, go to the Tufts Digital Library.

2016-2017 Academic Year

Birss, Moira
Rights, Responsibilities and Returns on Investments: Mapping the Negotiation for an International Treaty on Business and Human Rights

Cook, Robinson
Employment Services For Displaced Women In Bogota Colombia

Girling, Michael L.
Developing Capacity of Countering Violent Extremism

Jencik, Lauren
Rethinking Masculinities and Narratives of Wartime Sexual Violence: A Gender Analysis of Sexual Violence Against Men in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, El Salvador, and Iraq

Kumaraswamy, Sai Krishna
What Will It Take to Skill 500 Million People?: A Policy Analysis of India's Flagship Job Skills Training Program, The Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY)

Morgado, Luis Felipe G.
The Role of Business in International Peace Negotiations: Strategy, Power and Influence

Ott, Nikolas
Military Escalation in Cyberspace: Myth or Reality? An Analysis of the Necessary Conditions to Reduce the Likelihood of Military Escalation in Cyberspace

Pasoon, Ali Ahmad
Mission Impossible: Afghan Peace Talks

Peck, Annin M.
How to Achieve Sustainable Development in the Apparel Industry: A Collaborative Two-Part Approach

Sato, Kosuke
Conflict Resolution in the South China Sea: The New Role of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

Sullivan, Justin H.
The East Africa Private Equity Market: Opportunities & Strategies for First-Time Fund Managers

Tamaoki, Kohei
Not Targeted but Proportionate: A New Perspective on UN Sanctions and Exemption Clauses

Tessier, Lisa
Is carbon risk a determinant of corporate bond credit risk? Focus on the U.S. utilities sector

Useche, Ruben D.
"E Pluribus Unum:" Testing the Spillover Concept in America in Search of a World Working Peace System