CIERP's Climate Policy Lab Explores Clean Energy Policy and Expanding Markets in Latest Publication

Center for International Environment and Resource Policy

Published by Center for International Environment and Resource Policy
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This research project sought to explore what corporate, labor and investor leaders across the U.S. economy believe they need, in terms of adjustments or additions to government policies, programs, finance mechanisms and other tools, to successfully implement business strategies that both advance the transition to a low-carbon economy and spur company growth, profits, job creation, shareholder value and investor returns. The 53 in-depth interviews conducted for this research yielded a number of striking areas of consensus among those leaders concerning the nexus of clean energy policy and opportunities to expand markets for zero- or low-carbon products and services or cost-effectively achieve deep greenhouse gas reductions over time. The ten policy findings described in this report reflect those areas of broad agreement, while also noting when there were multiple or divergent views.

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