Professor Joel Trachtman Examines "The Future of International Law"

Cambridge University

The Future of International Law: Global Government, by Joel Trachtman

The world is changing rapidly, and there are increasing calls for international legal responses. There is and will be increasing social change in areas such as globalization, development, demography, democratization, and technology. Because of this change, international relations does and will occupy an expanding proportion of the concerns of citizens and the responsibilities of states. This will drive greater production of international law and organizational structures. The resulting denser body of law and organizations will take on more prominent governmental functions. It is in this sense that the future of international law is global government.

The book draws together the theoretical and practical aspects of international cooperation needs and legal responses in critical areas of international concern. On this basis, the book predicts that a more extensive, powerful, and varied international legal system will be needed to cope with future opportunities and challenges.

Winner of the 2013 ILAW Book Award