Faculty Research Profiles


Dr. William Moomaw is both Professor of International Environmental Policy and Director of Fletcher’s Center for International Environment & Resource Policy (CIERP). He has acted as a mentor to both PhD and MALD students at Fletcher as well as to undergraduate students at Tufts through the Tufts Summer Scholars program. Professor Moomaw is pictured above with undergraduate engineering student, Asami Tanimoto, working on their recent research project to analyze the photovoltaic potential of rooftops at Tufts University for solar power generation.

In addition to his work ‘on-the-ground’ at Tufts, Professor Moomaw traveled to Nanjing, China in October to present Cascading Costs: An Economic Nitrogen Cycle to academics, government officials and scientists participating in the 3rd International Nitrogen Initiative (INI) Conference. This paper, jointly researched and written with Fletcher Ph.D. candidate, Melissa Birch, “demonstrates that just as nitrogen cascades through an ecosystem, so too do the costs”. Moomaw continues by explaining that this research has important implications for industry in particular as “the analysis reveals that it is most cost effective to remove a tonne of nitrogen coming from combustion since it has the greatest impact on human health and creates cascading damage through the atmospheric, terrestrial, freshwater and coastal ecosystems”.

Professor Moomaw also continues to serve as an author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and is currently writing on the topic of ‘Carbon Capture and Storage’ for next IPCC report. Along with his climate change work in the international arena, Moomaw comes full circle and returns to local action through his work as Co-Director of Tufts Climate Initiative (TCI). Through TCI, Tufts became “the first university to join the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)®, a greenhouse gas emission reduction and trading pilot program for emission sources and offset projects. Tufts joins other members who are making voluntary, legally binding commitment to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases by four percent below the average of their 1998-2001 baseline by 2006, the last year of the pilot program”. Not only has Moomaw’s work with CCX increased the visibility of Tufts as an environmental leader, but this partnership has enhanced the research-based and practical opportunities that are available to all students at Fletcher who have an interest in environment and resource use issues.