Faculty Research Profiles

KELLY SIMS GALLAGHER – PROFESSOR OF ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL POLICy, DIrector of The Center for International environment & resource policy, director of the climate policy lab

Anyone who has taken Professor Gallagher’s classes knows she believes solving global energy challenges will require a diversity of policies and innovations. “I believe that there are no technological silver bullets. No single technology is going to save us or help us to achieve all of our objectives. Similarly, there are no policy silver bullets — no single policy can achieve all our goals.”   

Gallagher is the Director of Fletcher’s Center for International Environment & Resource Policy (CIERP) and of the Center’s Climate Policy Lab (CPL). CIERP’s mission is to build sustainable prosperity in a changing global environment through rigorous, policy-relevant, interdisciplinary research and training of the next generation of leaders. The Climate Policy Lab’s mission is to understand what works, what doesn’t and why. It works by convening teams of scholars and practitioners to evaluate existing climate policies empirically and works with governments contemplating new climate policies. This model allows it to be both responsive to policy needs and academically rigorous. 

Gallagher’s research mainly investigates the role of policy in processes of innovation, in particular the development and deployment of cleaner and more efficient technologies. Known for her expertise on energy and environmental policy in China, she has been an expert advisor to the U.S. Department of Energy and Office of Science and Technology Policy in The White House and regularly publishes policy briefs, discussion papers, scholarly articles and books. In collaboration with colleagues at the University of Cambridge and Harvard’s Belfer Center, she also produces an annual update of the U.S. government investments in energy research, development, demonstration and deployment (ERD3) through the Department of Energy. All publications are available here.

Beyond Fletcher, Gallagher is a Senior Research Associate with Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs in the Technology Innovation Policy research group, where she is also a member of the Board of Directors, a Faculty Affiliate of the Harvard University Center for Environment and a visiting Faculty Affiliate of the China Energy Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA

She serves on the U.S. National Research Council Board on Energy and Environmental Systems (2016-2019), the Vulcan Advisory Committee on Climate Change (2017-2018), the Energy Foundation Board (2016-2019) and the McKinnon Center for Global Affairs Advisory Board, Occidental College (2016-present). She is also a member of the selection committee for the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement (2016-present).