Inside Fletcher: Faculty

New Course Submission Information

New Course Information for Submission to Curriculum Committee

Information Required in Proposals of New or

Significantly Modified Courses to the Curriculum Committee


1. Name of proposing instructor(s).

2. Divisional assignment(s) of proposed course.

3. Proposed course title (and number, if available).

4. Proposed field designation(s) of proposed course.

5. Proposed catalog description for proposed course, including statements regarding required pre-requisites and recommended sequences.

6. Attach either a descriptive outline of the proposed course or a proposed course syllabus.

7. List of other courses offered that cover related or overlapping-topics.

8. Description of the instructor's background in subject matter of proposed course. For proposed adjunct instructors, provide a resume.

9. Justification of the course in terms of the school's mission and curricular needs.

10. What course(s) will be dropped, or offered less often, in order to offer this course? How does this affect other course offerings?

11. These field designations should be discussed with appropriate faculty members responsible for other courses in the field.