Inside Fletcher: Faculty

Tufts University Activities and Opportunities for Emeriti Professors

Tufts University wishes to make certain that we participate, insofar as it is within our means and resources, in the life of our faculty during their retirement. While constraints of space and resources may limit us in more fully responding to the needs of our emeriti faculty, we are committed to trying. Please feel free to send suggestions to the Office of the Provost, Ballou Hall.


The Office of the Provost is attempting to maintain a mailing list of emeriti and to supply labels, upon request. We need the help of departments/schools and emeriti to keep these lists up to date.

Retired faculty will be put on mailing lists for University publications such as the CRITERION and TUFTS JOURNAL. The faculty member must submit the proper address to the Office of Communication, Sweet Hall, with their request.


Departments are urged to maintain an active list of their retired faculty and to make certain that all appropriate departmental events are part of mailings to emeriti faculty (unless they ask for their names to be deleted from the mailing list). They should be invited to departmental colloquia, lectures, and professional and social functions.


Retired faculty may be invited to attend faculty meetings, without vote, of the appropriate school or college. They may request agenda mailings from the Secretary of the appropriate Faculty.


There is a new Fitness Center in Cousens Gym. If emeriti would like to request admission to use the Center, they should get in contact with Rocky Carzo at 627-3232.


Retired faculty members should maintain their Tufts ID cards to have access to the Tufts Library Systems as well as for other events and activities on campus. At Wessell Library, when faculty retire, they are deleted automatically from the computer file. As a result, if they want to retain library privileges, they need to go to Wessell Library and explicitly register. Retired faculty may request carrel space in the Arts & Sciences Library on the Medford campus to be assigned when available.


At times, there are opportunities for emeriti to teach part-time in their departments. There may be mentoring and teaching possibilities through the Experimental College as well. Please contact the Director, Robyn Gittleman, if you are interested.


Emeriti faculty on the Medford campus may request a parking card without charge from the Office of the Provost, to use when parking on the Medford campus. The Grafton faculty may apply to Security on the Grafton campus for a sticker and the fee will be waived. The Boston Security Office does not issue Tufts stickers to faculty and therefore this arrangement may not extend to the Boston campus.