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As migration garners headlines, spurring debates about closing borders and erecting walls to protect against terrorist threats, this issue of PRAXIS presents several articles and photographic essays that underscore the human security threats of forced migration, generate intellectual debate about the implications of mass population movements in a changing global landscape, and suggest ways forward. The root causes, patterns, impacts, and responses to migration are examined from economic, historical, political, and legal perspectives.

The selections chosen for publication in this issue present a variety of perspectives on migration that often goes overlooked. From securitization of migration in the Sahel to state strategies to target and forcibly displace populations in Syria to environmental impacts of global migration, the scholars and practitioners whose work is featured here present numerous compelling arguments based on rigorous academic research and personal experience. Whether examining comparative state-level refugee and asylum policies or individual stories from the migrant trail, these selections show how global migration impacts not only the security of the state but also the individual person. We hope that this specific examination of migration helps to broaden your understanding and deepen your engagement with the field of human security.

The Multi-Dimensional Dilemmas of Migration

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