Praxis The Fletcher Journal of Human Security

2012: New Approaches to International Development

New Approaches to International Development

Volume XXVII, 2012

Human security encompasses the varied yet deeply tied fields of human rights, humanitarian assistance, international development, and conflict resolution, and it encourages both practitioners and theoreticians to consider the linkages between each. PRAXIS is first and foremost a journal rooted in academic discourse, but it keeps one ear firmly to the ground to examine how particular laws, policies, and practices impact individuals at a local level. In this twenty-seventh edition of PRAXIS, we focus on new approaches to international development, providing a timely compilation of articles that review the implications of these new trends on individuals and provide prescriptions for the way forward.


New Approaches to International Development


China in Africa: What the Policy of Nonintervention Adds to the Western Development Dilemma
-Madison Condon

Maximizing Achievements in Human Rights Development: Arguments for a Rights-based Approach to Land Tenure Reform
-Rebecca Tapscott

The Role of Crowdsourcing for Better Governance in International Development
-Maja Bott and Gregor Young


A Line Cook in Hargeisa
-Sam Chapple-Sokol

Reporting in Syria at the Start of the Uprising
-Claire Duffett