Praxis The Fletcher Journal of Human Security

2011: Examining the Unseen

Examining the Unseen

Volume XXVI, 2011

The field of human security recognizes and builds upon the inter-connectedness between human rights, humanitarian assistance, international development, and conflict resolution. The challenge of such a dynamic and multi-faceted approach is remaining vigilant of how trends first emerge and how they become dominant. Consequently, whose stories are prioritized and whose may be left unseen? In this twenty-sixth issue of PRAXIS, we uncover some of these unseen cross-cutting cases and offer implications for future field work and policy reform.


Examining the Unseen


Making Connections: Bridging Transitional Justice and Security Sector Reform to Confront Conflict-Related Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
-Corey Barr

Going Beyond Material Well-Being: Looking at the Hidden Costs of Migration on Children Left Behind
-Corey Cappelloni

Proscription Problems: The Practical Implications of Terrorist Lists on Diplomacy and Peacebuilding in Nepal
-Joshua Gross

Once Patriarchs and Warriors: Masculinity and Modernity in Karamoja, Uganda
-Carrie Stefansky Huisman


Crossing the River Kiir
-Sophia Dawkins

A Paradoxical Peace in Northern Ireland
-Ariel Heifetz Knobel