Praxis The Fletcher Journal of Human Security

2010: Localizing Human Security

Localizing Human Security
Volume XXV, 2010

In this twenty-fifth issue of PRAXIS, we focus on a local exploration of human se curity issues, grounding theoretical analyses in specific case studies. While it is impor tant to think globally, we must never forget that issues such as food security, poverty, and violence are not conceptual. These problems are the everyday realities for many men, women, and children throughout the world. For this reason, our 2010 issue high lights the real on-the-ground circumstances within which people are doing their best to live with basic human dignity. In each article, our authors present local case studies with global implications, and highlight potential areas for response and reform.


Localizing Human Security


Harboring or Protecting? Militarized Refugees, State Responsibility, and the Evolution of Self-Defense
Stephen Allen

Empowerment of Women in Rural Ethiopia: A Review of Two Microfinance Models
Getaneh Gobezie

The Paradox of India’s Bread Basket: Farmer Suicides in Punjab
Mallika Kaur

Darfur’s Displacement Dilemma: Operational Coordination and Aid Reform for IDP Returns
Louis Seferis

Views from the Field

Reflections on Gender-Based Field Research
Dana Binnendijk

The Virtual Field: Remote Crisis Mapping of the Haitian Earthquake
Andrea Walther

An Interdisciplinary Examination of Genocide: An Interview with Dr. Gerald