Praxis The Fletcher Journal of Human Security

2009: Human Security at the Margins

This year’s PRAXIS focuses on those at the margins of society, whoare often left behind by international protection mechanisms, and shedslight on several key gaps in the international community’s approachesto conflict resolution, social cohesion, and reconciliation. In eacharticle, our authors bring challenges encountered in the field togetherwith recommendations for changes at the institutional level.


Human Security at the Margins


Liberia’s Truth Commission Report: Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights in Transitional Justice
Evelyne Schmid

Education Amidst Conflict: The Youth Challenge
Marc Sommers

Unsafe Haven: Security Challenges Facing LGBT Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Turkey
Neil Grungras, Rachel Levitan, and Amy Slotek

Book Review

McMafia and Economic GangstersCorruption and Conflict: A Review of
Kirby Reiling

Views from the Field

Reflections on Liberian Refugee Repatriation from Ghana
Dana Binnendijk

Notes on U.S. Africa Command Operations in Mali
Andrea Walther

An Interview with Cynthia Enloe: The Gendered Dynamics of Foreign Policy