Praxis The Fletcher Journal of Human Security

2006: Africa

The May 2006 issue of PRAXIS - Focus on Africa.

Collectively, these articles and the other articles presented in the twenty-firstedition of PRAXIS illustrate a 21st century outlook on human security—incorporatingperspectives of development, health, international aid, nation-building,and the environment. We hope that PRAXIS serves as a springboard for furtherdiscussion, research and discovery into the complexities of human security.


PRAXIS and the Institute for Human Security

Focus on Africa: Justice and Development

Assessing the "African Renaissance"
Emil Nagengast

New Energy for the Reform of Aid: Effects of the Rwanda Response
Corinne Self

The Negative Face of Education in Rwanda
Jessica Walker-Keleher

Relative Justice: Survivors of Gender-Based Violence Negotiate Authority in Dadaab Refugee Camp
Cristina Remond

Current Issues in Human Security

Caring for Carthage: Humanity as a Weapon of War
Reuben E. Brigety, II

Ensuring the Well-Being of a Nation
Jim Della-Giacoma

Guatemala's Peace and Justice Venn Diagram
Keira Goldstein

Cloudy with a Chance of War: Water Resources as a Driver of Security
Beth Chalecki