Praxis The Fletcher Journal of Human Security

2005: Human Security and Perspectives on Building Peace

The May 2005 issue of PRAXIS examines perspectives on buildingpeace, from disarming warlords ruling the streets in Afghanistan, toestablishing post-conflict justice systems. This issue also looks atthe political economy of a natural disaster, the recent tsunami servingas the inspiration for a analysis of how the international communitycan better respond to crises in way that better supports long-termsecurity and economic development.


PRAXIS and the Institute for Human Security

Human Security and Perspectives on Building Peace

Disarming Afghanistan’s Warlords
Jake Sherman

The Politics of the Past: The Benes Decrees, Collective Memory, and Preventing Ethnic Conflict
Jina Moore

“The Next Generation:” Towards a More Effective Hybrid Court
Nathaniel Myers

Views from the Field

Tsunami! The Political Economy of a Natural Disaster
Peter Walker

Interview with Hugo Slim

The Fletcher School Discussion on the Rights-Based Approach to Development


The Rights-Based Approach: Organizational Implications
Boris Diechtiareff

Organizational Implications of a Rights-Based Approach
Huria Ogbamichael

Implementing a Successful Orientation to RBA: Is there a Recipe for Success?
Julia Sable

Rights-Based Development
Marty I Schmith

Bringing the Discourse about Rights-Based Development Back Down to Earth
Stephan Sonnenberg