Praxis The Fletcher Journal of Human Security

2003: Development in Transition

Our latest issue explores emerging topics in international development, with a focus on community services programs and post-conflict sustainable development in African refugee camps. Volume XVIII also includes a series of interviews with international development leaders such as Alex de Waal and Jan Pronk, articles on women's empowerment in Asia, and a description of Transparency International’s Corruption Fighters’ Toolkit.

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PRAXIS in Transition

Focus on Forced Migration and Development

Oliver Bakewell
Community Services in Refugee Aid Programs: The Challenges of Expectations, Principles, and Practice

Shelly Dick
Changing the Equation: Refugees as Valuable Resources Rather than Helpless Victims

Richard Black
Forced Migration and Sustainable Development: Post-Conflict Opportunities in Ethiopia and Mozambique

PRAXIS Interviews Practitioners: Leading the Transition

Alex de Waal
on HIV/AIDS and Development in Africa

Dalya Massachi
on NGO Coordination

Norah Niland
on Human Security in Afghanistan

John Prendergast
on Conflict and Development in Africa

Jan Pronk
on Trends in Sustainable Development

Listening to Women: Gender and Development in Asia

Devalina Mookerjee
Voices in Development: Discussing the Need for User-End Input in the Public Health System in West Bengal, India

Ishara Mahat
Women’s Development in Nepal: The Myth of Empowerment

Views From the Field

Claudio Schuftan
The Emerging Sustainable Development Paradigm: A Global Forum on the Cutting Edge of Progressive Thinking

Jessica Berns
Transparency International’s Corruption Fighters’ Tool Kit

Book Review

Review by Tsering Yangki
Tourism and Local Economic Development in China: Case Studies of Guilin, Suzhou, and Beidaihe by Gang Xu