Praxis The Fletcher Journal of Human Security

2002: Development and Human Rights

This issue focuses on the nexus between development and human rights. This issue includes articles by leading development experts including Peter Uvin, professor at The Fletcher School, Hugo Slim, professor at Oxford Brookes University and Christina M. Harrison, director of The Human Rights Advocate.

Other contributions include an expose on the human rights record of the World Bank, coverage of the Bolivian coca war's effect on development, and thoughts from development practitioners.

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John Hammock
Rights, Solidarity and Development

Development and Human Rights:

Grahame Russell
All Rights Must Be Guaranteed
All Actors Must Be Held Accountable

Andre Frankovits
Rules to Live By:The Human Rights Approach to Development

Peter Uvin
On High Moral Ground:
The Incorporation of Human Rights by the Development Enterprise

Hugo Slim
A Response to Peter Uvin--Making Moral Low Ground: Rights as the Struggle for Justice and the Abolition of Development

Christina M. Harrison
Tough Row to Hoe: Can CEDAW's Optional Protocal Help Muslim Women in Rural Bangladesh Realize Their Right to Development?

Gernot Brodnig
The World Bank and Human Rights: Mission Impossible?

Lawrence G. Dixon
The Antidote to Patronage, Power, Politics, and Structural Poverty? Humanitarianism and Rights: Thoughts from a Practitioner

Alexander Gupman, with Contributions from Maria J. Kristensen
Towards a Better Discourse: Is Rights-Talk Challenging the Development Profession?

Praxis Interviews Practitioners:

Francis Battal

Kiganzi Nyakato

Dismas Nkunda

Other Development Issues:

James Patton
Counterdevelopoment and the Bolivian Coca War

Stacia Nordin
Malawi Is Not a 'Poor Country'