Praxis The Fletcher Journal of Human Security

Issue: Does Development Work Volume XV, 1999

In this 15th annual volume of PRAXIS: The Fletcher Journal of Development Studies, we address one of the most pressing issues facing scholars, practitioners and beneficiaries today: Does development work? Are aid projects providing more help or harm to the people they serve? If projects are sometimes ineffective, what social and economic engines are driving growth in the developing world?

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Elizabeth M. Addonizio
A Chile Wind in an Anarchic World

Michael Crosswell
The Development Record and The Effectiveness of Forign Aid

Kevin Gallagher
Pollution Intensive Industry in Mexico under NAFTA: Model and Emperical Evidence

Anthony W. Pereira
God, the Devil, and Development in Northeast Brazil

Catherine Tucker
Common Property Design Principles and Development in a Honduran Community

Amy Coletta
Book Review:
Aiding Violence: The Development Enterprise in Rwanda
by Peter Uvin

William Lawrence
Symptom of Crisis or Engine of Development?
The Mauritanian Informal Economic Sector

Chris Young
Book Review:
Assessing Aid: What Works, What Doesn't, and Why
by David Dollar and Lant Pritchett

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Does Development Work?

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